Tower Defense Pack

A low poly asset pack of Fantasy themed polygonal style game.
This product is designed to Tower-Defense, M.O.B.A, RTS.

Simple Polygonal Style

Stylish and trendy polygonal style design.


Spearman, Swordman, Archer and Mage.

Mobile Friendly

Meshes optimized for lightweight use on mobile, AR, and VR.

Various Scenes

Various Style Scenes : Tower Defense, MOBA, RTS and more.

Support URP

Support Universal Render Pipeline (URP)

Lightmap Support

Built-in lightmap UVs for optimizing the background world

You can create
Tower Defense, Strategy Games of your own.

Fast, Convenient, Save Time

Included Components

  • 6 Team colors
  • 4 Types of Characters
  • 2 Environment colors
  • 10 Archer Towers (Include constructed model)
  • 10 Barracks (Include constructed model)
  • 10 Mage Towers (Include constructed model)
  • 10 Cannon Towers (Include constructed model)
  • 6 Projectiles
  • 80 Environment objects
  • 16 Structures
  • 7 Scenes in Various Styles

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